Finally able to give you feedback about the workshop with Chris, your representative – I have been on a course for the past few days. The Science workshop was BRILLIANT!!! Everyone, including my Deputy Head enjoyed it.
Thank youSharon Pratt
Bedford Road Lower School

Static Shell and Mad Science left an impression on my Year 5 class and school that we won’t soon forget!

We signed up for an hour’s sound workshop, but it was without a doubt the most entertaining hour I’ve ever experienced in a classroom. Shell was confident, immensely knowledgeable and so engaging that she had the children’s attention in seconds and never let it waver. The pace of the workshop was frenetic and Shell’s borderline hyperactivity kept the children interested and engaged by what was happening. Shell presented scientific fact in original yet simple ways, with plenty of wacky props and visual representations of abstract concepts (who knew soundwaves could be demonstrated with a drill and a piece of string?!) She used the entire classroom, inviting the children to stand up, sit down, lie on the floor, participate in group activities and had plenty of resources for them to investigate themselves. Quite simply, Shell brought scientific knowledge that until then had been abstract ideas and words on a page, to brilliant, vivid life. The children were able to reel off fact after fact once she had left us, but without a doubt the most pleasing moment as a teacher was to see how much fun it was possible for my class to have whilst also learning. They constantly turned round and looked at me with disbelieving smiles, as though suspecting that something this outrageously enjoyable must surely be against school rules in some way.

Shell’s science may well have been mad, but it was also fantastically enjoyable, and I confidently speak for all of my class when I say we would recommend this company to any school, any time, anywhere!Mr Greg Harper
Acting Deputy Head
Hartsbourne Primary School
Hartsbourne Road, Bushey Heath,
Hertfordshire, WD23 1SJ

In July 2010 Mad Science provided our children with an incredible morning’s experience of practical, interactive science learning workshop. The demonstrations and presentation on forces was amazing, with all the children fully engaged and inspired into their own learning. The teachers were supported with practical advice and plans for how to lead the children in completing the set task. When the children came back together their learning and practical creations were praised and rewarded by the Mad Scientist, which boosted their self confidence. The morning left the children inspired to find out more, with many children wanting to ask lots of questions and find out more about the demonstrations given.Paul Sutton
The Orchard Primary and Nursery School
Gammons Lane, Watford,
Hertfordshire, WD24 5JW

“I think that Mad Science has been a huge asset to our school. I have been so impressed with their organisation of the club from start to finish. All their staff are so lovely to deal with and the children have looked so excited each week and come out with massive smiles on their faces, clutching their latest invention”Emma Cole
School Administrator, Llyod Williamson School

As the coordinator for Gifted and Talented children at John Ruskin Primary, I arranged for Mad Science to run a weekly science club for 6 weeks in the spring term. Faiqah worked with 15 of our most able children, from years 3 to 5, for an hour each week, with great success. The children gave me excellent feedback about the club – they were thoroughly enthused by it, indeed several of them came up to me around the school to tell me about what they had done each week. It definitely enhanced their understanding / learning in science. While I was unable to observe a session myself (I am class-based) the teaching assistant who sat in on the club said the children really enjoyed the highly practical, interactive nature of the sessions.

Mad Science are coming back to John Ruskin for Science Week later this spring, and I will be booking them again next year as part of our Gifted and Talented enrichment programme.Katherine Turner
(Gifted and Talented Coordinator / Year 6 Class Teacher, John Ruskin Primary School)