Rice Krispies and Eggs!

September 8, 2014 2:05 pm

More Egg Drop Science

In this really cool science experiment we will build another device that will allow an egg to survive the impact of dropping from various heights

You will need

Five small Ziplock Plastic Bags and one large Ziplock Plastic Bag

An Egg

A Box or Two of Rice Krispie Cereal


1) Put the egg in a small Ziplock bag.

2) Use the cereal to encase the egg in the centre of the bag.

3) Use a sharpie or similar and label the “egg bag”.

4) Stuff the other four small Ziplock bags with cereal.

5) Take all five small bags and place them inside the big Ziplock bag.

6) Make sure the “egg bag” is in the centre of the other bags of cereal and not on the outside. Double

check this!

7) The four small cereal bags should be protecting the “egg bag” in the middle.

8) When comfortable let it fly!


What’s Happening?

Using this technique the Rice Krispies crush easily, absorb energy, and protect your egg from a fatal impact! Placing the egg in the “egg bag” and placing that bag in the middle of other cereal bags is critical to success.  This step keeps the egg from accidentally slipping to the outside and taking too much impact.

Have Fun!


Thanks to, and adapted from weirdsciencekids.com

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