Heat Transfer

September 8, 2014 12:41 pm

Another simple thermal energy investigation.


An important aspect of thermal energy is Heat Transfer, and older primary school students can begin to understand the concept of insulation and heat transfer as it relates to thermal energy.


You will need:

a number of different materials, including a metal pie plate, a fleece-lined sweatshirt, an insulated winter jacket, a brick and a plastic cup filled with water.



Take an electric hairdryer and warm up each item for three to five minutes. At the end of the time period, have the students carefully examine the side of the item that faced the hairdryer and the side that faced away from the hairdryer.


What’s Happening?

By comparing the temperature of the two sides, students can discuss the concept of heat transfer and insulation.

Students can also compare the items and discuss which item is a better insulator and which one conducts thermal energy.


Have Fun!


Thanks, and adapted from to ehow.com

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