Frosty The (Indoor) Snowman

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The following version of this activity was devised for pre-school children in Florida where the kids are likely never to have seen a real snowman!  However it will be just as much fun for children of all ages, wherever you live!

You will need

3 large balloons
1 large bowl
1 medium bowl
1 small bowl
Enough freezer capacity to contain all the bowls

Large plastic tray or container
Accessories for snowman (hat, scarf)
Felt cut into shapes for eyes, nose, mouth and buttons





Fill the balloons with water so each one will fit into the bowls. Freeze until solid. (it takes 12-24 hours)


Remove the balloon pieces and take the solid ice balls and place them one on top of the other by placing the largest one inside the container, or on the tray, and the other two balls on top.


Use salt on the bottom of the container and in between the ice balls to help them fuse together.


Now add the felt pieces (they stick right on the ice) as well as the other accessories. This makes a cute little snowman that the children can watch melt.


What’s Happening?


The children will discover that creating the three ice balls which make up the snowman is a similar process to moulding lollies and ice cubes in their freezers at home.


Adding the salt helps to prepare a small amount of ice where it needs to adhere to another ice surface. Salt reacts with the ice, lowering the freezing temperature and melting a layer of ice on either side of the join. The two sides of the ice fuse and stick fast.


Have Fun!


Thanks to and adapted from (Suzanne T. from Palm Bay Elementary School)